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Teachers log in or register to access Activ8 Eatwell teaching resources. Designed by teachers for teachers, Activ8 Eatwell is a complete package of three resource manuals for Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 to facilitate a whole school approach to the promotion of healthy eating and physical activity.

Download PlayBoard Positive Playground Policy. Visit Playboard website to find out more about their Positive Playgroud initiative.


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Activ8 Eatwell Games Cards - Developed by Sport Northern Ireland and Food Standards Agency NI for community coaches, teachers and youth leaders to deliver the Activ8 Eatwell messages and promote healthy eating and physical activity. Each Activ8 Game Card has an activity/game linked to key messages of the Activ8 Eatwell programme. Download and use as a warm up activity to get everyone moving and having fun at any time!

1be active  



Activity/Game: Parachute Surprise
Activity/Game: Drink lots of water
Download PDF
1breakfast 1fruit and vegis
Activity/Game: Name Game
Download PDF
Activity/Game: Mysterious Shapes
1eat well 1healthy
Activity/Game: Food Corners
Activity/Game: Healthy Heros


Activ8 Eatwell Weekly Diarys



Download the Eatwell Foundation Diary   Download the Eatwell Key Stage 1 Diary   Download the Eatwell Key Stage 2 Diary


Activ8 Eatwell Bingo! - A fun way of encouraging players to get the balance of their diet right by using the eatwell plate. The aim of the game is to use the eatwell plate model in an interactive bingo game that makes learning about healthy food choices interesting and fun. Instead of calling out bingo numbers, the game features nutrition messages where players find out food facts along the way.


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Eatwell caller cards - Five food and food fact cards for the bingo caller
Download PDF

Eatwell bingo instructions - Instructions on how to play the game
Download PDF

Eatwell bingo picture cards - 30 food picture cards for players 
Download PDF

Eatwell plate (A5 postcard)  Download PDF



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 Giro d'Italia Infographic - Interested in fascinating facts??

giro infographic cropTake a look at Sport Northern Ireland’s Giro d’Italia Infographic and learn about all things Giro...

Giro d'Italia Infographic Download PDF












The Great Giro Game!

Great Giro Game-webAn interactive game loaded with fun facts about Italian culture, geography, history, active travel—and the Giro d'Italia, of course! It's a wonderful way to spend a class time with a group of Key State Two pupils. Adults will enjoy it, too. All you need is a "caller" and a group of eager game-players.

Download all components here: callcalling cardsing cards full of interesting facts; marking cards for up to 30 players; and game instructions. And don't forget to shout out "GIROTASTIC!" when you've won!








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Check out our Cool Stuff page to enter the Activ8 Summer Holidays Colouring Competition and find lots of word searches and puzzles to keep everyone busy!

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